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Do a Barrel Roll! solely performs music from videogames, but not any and all videogames. DABR chooses music that THEY truly love, and though they take requests from fans and friends, the Barrel Rollers choose music that they can make their own and take to the next level. Doing a fair amount of composing for their original arrangements, and intertwining it into the epic fanfare of their story, DABR! has no desire to take on music that sounds the same from the game to the stage. Most modern video games feature pre-existing music from other artists, or have original, orchestral scores recorded in the studio. Do a Barrel Roll! aims to bring to life the great works of fantastic composers whom did not have such technology and capability in their time. Nostalgia is a powerful force, and DABR! uses it to their advantage. Live triggering of sampled sounds and voices from the classic games they are performing spark the listeners’ memories and engage them as part of the performance. Their medleys often follow the progression of the games, and transport the fans to specific points in time and space, in hopes of bringing back fond memories and experiences. Do a Barrel Roll! is on a mission to defeat Andross and all evil in the Universe, and to put on a spectacular, entertaining show while doing so!